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My name is Lisa, and I am a certified Event and Meeting Planner.

Throughout my work at the Hospital for Sick Children and my involvement with medical conferences and workshops, I developed a
keen interest in Event Planning, leading me to complete the Event and Meeting Management program at George Brown College. 


After planning my own wedding in 2006, I recognized the amount of work that goes into the execution alone of an event
and ultimately how much the guest of honour can be impacted on enjoying the event themselves.

I gradually started offering my help to people I knew to assist in the final details of their weddings and events. Sometimes it was
simply showing up at the hall an hour before guests and making sure everything was “good to go”. I would send pictures to them
before they arrived so they could relax and know that everything looked like what they had envisioned.

For others I actually set up the hall, including centerpieces, seating arrangements, guest book sign in and/or other
display items for the reception. This then escalated to people also asking me to be the point person for the day, and to
ensure that the event ran smoothly and on time.


Hiring a coordinator for the day allows you, as the guest of honor, to breathe easy and
enjoy your special day, without worrying about the execution of all those fine details
you spent months organizing.

As your coordinator for the day, I can be your extra set of hands, eyes, and ears. The list is endless of the things that can be
taken care of for you, just review the packages to see what is most suitable for your event.

Don’t let a minute of your special day go by without the full experience of being there,
be present in every moment, rather than seeing it in a picture later!  

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