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I had the pleasure of working with Lisa on a baby shower for a colleague. When asking Lisa to organize the event I did not realize the amount of work and detail that needed to go into planning that I just didn’t have the time to do. She effortlessly took charge, and ensured that not a single detail was overlooked. Although I hosted the event at my place, I had the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the event with the guests while Lisa worked her magic and the event was a huge success. I would hire Lisa again in a heartbeat”.

M. Saunders, Toronto, ON

“We have used Lisa for every event in recent memory, from birthday parties to anniversary celebrations and she is THE BEST!! Organized, critical, thoughtful and calm. She is exactly who you need around when the chaos is ready to take over at your event’s crunch time. She has already thought of everything that may go sideways and checked in on it twice”.

Alexandra, Oakville, ON

Our venue coordinator was not the best, so Lisa saved the day by being my eyes before I got to the venue. She made sure that I showed up to a venue decorated the way I envisioned and that everything was where it should be. It was amazing and it made the morning of my wedding a complete breeze! I tell people all the time to hire a coordinator, because of how Lisa helped me. Peace of mind on your wedding day is EVERYTHING!

Jessica, Milton, ON

Oh, beauty lies in the details! Lisa did a superb job planning, organizing, and executing my baby shower in Toronto. She took care of absolutely everything you can think of (and more importantly things you may not think of): guest list, invitations, RSVP, decoration, food, souvenirs, etc.  What I love more about Lisa’s work, is the attention she puts to detail: She managed to get an ultrasound photo with my husband and framed it, so that my guests attending the shower could write messages to me and my baby boy (needless to say this photo is hanging on his nursery wall:)). Also, my family and best friends are back in Brazil and unfortunately could not attend the shower. Lisa contacted them and put together the most heartwarming video with messages from them for baby and I. Priceless. I will never forget. 

Joana, Toronto, ON

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