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What does a Day-of Coordinator Do?

One of the first questions that I am asked when letting people know about Lisa Janine Events, is “What does a Day-of Coordinator do?”

Here are the top 5 reasons in my opinion people hire a ‘Day of’ Coordinator:

1) For years the essence of event planning was either hiring a planner to do everything, or winging it yourself. However, with the new emergence of tools like Pinterest and other social media platforms, the concept of DIY weddings has become more and more popular. Many love the idea of putting together all their own wedding décor, centerpieces, favors, and even invitations! However, on the actual day of the event, while you as the guest of honour are getting hair and makeup done, who is setting up your ceremony and reception décor that you spent months preparing? This is where a Day of Coordinator can take all your hard work and bring it to life while you are busy enjoying your actual day!

2) It saves you some money. Not everyone can afford a full on event planning team. A coordinator for the day can give you some guidance throughout the process of planning, but is essentially just your extra set of hands, eyes, and ears on the day of, ensuring everything runs smoothly and how you envision. Allowing you to essentially feel like you’re in two places at once.

3) A Day-of Coordinator enables you as the guest of honor to be present in every moment of your day… you are not being pulled aside because the photo booth broke down, or running in to check whether the food will be served on time. Since the guest of honour is generally busy with enjoying their day, your coordinator can be the main point of contact for all your vendors and guests.

4) What did you miss??? Essentially hiring a Day of Coordinator will involve some meetings prior to your actual event. By going through or creating a schedule, and doing a walkthrough of the event, your coordinator may catch details that possibly were overlooked, or conflicts that were maybe not evident at first.

5) Stress! Hiring a coordinator for the day will alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress. One of the biggest culprits of anxiety on a wedding day or big event, is how is it all going to get done, what if something goes wrong, or the inability to see the venue before arriving (after your guests)! Knowing that someone is there to do all this for you, and potentially reassure you when it’s all done (I like to send pictures), allows you to breathe easy and relax as each step is meticulously taken care of for you…

Although these may be the most popular top reasons why most may hire a Day-of Coordinator, there are several other reasons that may be specific to your event. The extent of the additional help is always flexible as well, and sometimes dependent on your venues set up, resources and the added complexity of events taking place before or after yours. In any case, the hiring of a coordinator in any capacity will result in your special day being executed and celebrated in the style you deserve! And most importantly allowing you to be present in every moment.

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